Frequently Asked Questions

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Customers want personal interaction. Isn’t digital ordering impersonal?

Customers are less pressured when they have time and space to order at their convenience. For this reason, they also tend to order more. Digital ordering gives customers complementary options, enabling you to focus more on real customer interaction while giving them the freedom to order at their convenience.

Will digital ordering replace people?

Absolutely not. Digital ordering gives freedom to your customers to browse your menu, order, and pay at their convenience. This enables your staff to focus more on customer service, which can be especially challenging at peak times.

My business is unique. Can Zweble really work for me?

Zweble is a highly flexible system that works with all kinds of restaurants, bars, and food outlets. It is simple to set up and remove, and you always get to try it risk free. We are always there to help in case you have any questions.

I already have QR Codes in my restaurant. Do I have to put two QR Codes everywhere?

Zweble covers the entire ordering process, including digital menus, so there is no need to use your existing QR Codes to show your menu as pdf files online.

Do my customers need to download an app?

Zweble is not an app and there is nothing to download. The entire process runs in the web browser. Customers are taken directly to the menu as soon as they scan the QR Code. There is no need for account creation or sign-in.

Does Zweble work on all mobile phones?

Yes. Zweble works on all smartphones, no matter the brand or model.

How does Zweble work without a POS integration?

Zweble works perfectly without a POS integration. In this case, the restaurant can choose to send the orders directly to their / our existing printers. If you don’t want orders to be sent to the printer, Zweble sends orders to the tablet / merchant device next to your cash register.

When do customers pay?

As a merchant you get to decide. You can provide your customers with three options: (1) Let them pay online, at the time of placing their order, (2) Pay later, at the end of their meal, or (3) Any combination of the two.

My establishment has specific peak times and long non-peak hours. Does it still work?

You can switch on Zweble during peak times and switch it off during non-peak hours within seconds. However, you will be surprised how efficiently it works even during off-peak hours when the customer can browse the menu and order at their convenience.